Worth the Wait

As I hung up the phone with my former employer I thought to myself – There’s no turning back now. He had offered me a job working with teens and while it was extremely tempting, contemplation over the course of the next few hours brought the words of a speaker I’d heard recently to my memory. “If you can see it, faith is not needed.” I could see this job so it wasn’t the right fit.

Earlier this year I predicted that my faith walk with God was only going to intensify because my biggest fear was getting pregnant earlier than I planned and then having a baby. Seeing that I conquered both of those in this past year I figured I’ve got nothing left to lose.

So here I am – pursuing Black Girls with Purpose fully. As I write this I have no idea how we’ll continue to develop but I’ve refused to have a plan B. What started as a book turned blog turned workshops has become a full blown ministry full of dreams and aspirations and I know this work is what I’m purposed to do because of how long I’ve been running.

But that stops now. I’m choosing to wait on God to reveal what He’s got next for the vision He’s given me. I can’t see it but I can say I’ve never had more peace. That’s why I want to share this journey with you, because I don’t think you’ll believe it if you don’t hear about it while it’s happening.

The plan is to share a piece of my faith journey with you each week paired with the latest Black Girls with Purpose/Brie’s life right now update.

In case you haven’t gathered it from previous posts here on the blog, being a believer in Jesus Christ is the boldest decision a person can make. The call to surrender and die to yourself is not easy and yet we’re called to do it every single day. I have a lot of moments when I ask myself “Are you really gonna do this?!” “Are you sure?! You can turn back now if you want.” All the while I know internally God’s will is the safest place to be and in all more years of following Him He has yet to fail me. So I just keep waiting. Hope you’ll wait with me.


“No one who waits for You will be disgraced.” – Psalm 25:3a


Psalm 25:12 says “Who are those who fear the Lord? He will show them the path they should choose.”

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Author of The Black Girl's Guide to Living on Purpose and Executive Director of Black Girls with Purpose.