Black Girls with Purpose offers workshops to help young ladies set goals, budget, practice time management and choose better friendships and relationships. Each workshop session combines discussion, reflection and activity portions to help participants engage in real life application. We are constantly working to develop partnerships in different cities across the US so we can better address the needs of the young ladies we are serving while achieving a more widespread impact.

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Fun and professional

Brie is both fun and professional. She has a lot of knowledge on a variety of subjects. After her workshop, I learned what I really have a passion for and how to improve my time management.

Carly L.
Louisiana State University

Setting goals and accomplishing them

Brie has passion! Whatever task you put in front of her, she will accomplish. After her time management workshop I’m spending less time on social media and my phone and instead using that time to set goals and accomplish them!

An awesome resource

The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose is an awesome resource for the Alternative School setting where young girls have no idea what it means to live on purpose. They are simply reflecting what they see at home, on TV and in the streets. Thank you, thank you, thank you Brie for this awesome resource. The girls love it as well. It makes them think about why they do the things they do.

Unlocking purpose

My ministry caters to young women and a huge percentage of them lack direction. My prayer was that exposing them to [Brie] and [her] book would provide them some insight as to what purpose means and it did!

Cecilia Smith
Sisters of Strength

Push yourself to the fullest

I have to personally thank Brie. My goal setting hasn’t been at its best due to my laziness but after [her goal setting workshop] no matter how tired I get, I’ve decided to push myself to the fullest.

Des'Trell Adams
Dillard University

By submitting this workshop/assembly reservation form, you agree to:

  • Provide a private space for the workshop or assembly
  • Recruit a minimum of 10 girls for a workshop, or 50 for an assembly
  • Communicate schedule changes to a confirmed workshop or assembly at least one week in advance

All workshops are reserved with a 50% deposit.  The remainder of the workshop fee is due two weeks before the workshop date to provide time to print materials. At the end of the workshop (for groups with 20 or less), girls will receive copies of The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose book and workbook and a certificate.