When You Can’t See It

In July of this year (2017) I attended the Pinky Promise Conference and it changed my life. They had phenomenal speakers, delicious food and fantastic fellowship. Out of all the phenomenal things that happened, however, one takeaway superseded the rest.

Cornelius Lindsey said, “If you can see it, faith is not needed.”

'If you can see it faith, is not needed.' - Cornelius LindseyClick To Tweet

I remember tucking that away in my pocket and meditating on it. I had no idea how often I’d repeat it.

When You Can’t See It

The first opportunity presented itself when I received a publishing contract to publish my third book Walking on Water. Unlike what you see in the movies, I did not receive a signing bonus. Instead, I was the one who had to pay. It was going to cost $3500 and I asked God where I was supposed to get that kind of money? He told me to calm down and wait.

After fasting for a couple weeks, He told me to run a Kickstarter campaign. For those of you who don’t know, Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows you to raise money for projects in the creative space. Unlike many crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter is all or nothing meaning if you don’t raise all of the money you don’t get any of the money. Of course I didn’t know about other platforms before, but that ended up being a blessing because there was no need for second guessing what God told me.

After launching the campaign, I emailed, texted and talked to people in person but was only able to raise $900 in 3 weeks. With only one week to go with we still needed $2600. Long story short, God raised the money. What’s more, He brought it from sources I wasn’t expecting and we actually exceeded our goal, ending up with $3800. GLORY!

Keep Believing

I’m so happy I had that experience because as you’re reading this I’ve found myself in a similar situation. As you may have seen on various social channels, we’re hosting our first ever Black Girls with Purpose Conference and as I type we’ve only sold 3 out of 200 tickets. I was going to keep this bit of information to myself until I started  talking with one of my mentees and listened to her share a piece of story about a recent faith move she made. God was able to get the glory because she told people He was up to something. She said she didn’t know what it was, only that it would be significant.

So here I am, sharing my story in hopes that God will get the glory out of it. God told me we are going to sell out of tickets. There will be 200 people in attendance and despite the fact that that number does not currently reflect tickets purchased, I am at peace because I’ve learned  that God is not concerned with my sight, He’s concerned with my vision.

Hope you can attend and if you can’t, I hope you’ll consider sponsoring a group of girls to come to the conference.

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