Walking on Water – YouTube Series

Join me on my faith journey from writing books to having babies! New episodes air every Sunday.

PILOT Episode

On this week’s episode I discuss the inspiration behind this series. Putting in my letter of resignation at my job. Enrolling in B-school and more!

Episode 2


This week I share my typical Monday through Thursday routine. From exercise to blogging and everything in between!


Episode 3


On this week’s episode we’re heading to Dillard University for a workshop on productivity, I experience contractions for the first time :O and attend a teen consortium to help with future New Orleans programming.

Episode 4


On this week’s episode my parents are in town, we head to Dillard for the Women of Excellence brunch and I get a new computer (because my other one dies 🙁 – RIP)!

Episode 5


On this week’s episode it’s implementation week in B-School, I launch a new beta test for my business and I finally go grocery shopping.

Episode 6

On this week’s episode I give an update of the past few weeks in B-School, G and I start Lamaze class and I speak at a rooftop event here in New Orleans!

Episode 7

On this week’s episode we’re celebrating our 1 year anniversary in Florida, I put on a goal setting workshop, Lamaze class continues, as does B-school and overall Black Girls with Purpose growth! We end the week with a woman’s conference and coffee shop work session.


Episode 8

On this week’s episode I get a harsh reality check in terms of my work load and finally start cutting a few things back.

Episode 9


On this week’s episode I go into the hospital, quit my job and head to Texas for some much needed relaxation!