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Vicky Logan | Black Girls with Purpose feature

Victoria Logan is a content creator and influencer hailing from Fort Worth, Texas. Before acquiring the 400,000+ online following she has now with over 18 million views on YouTube, “Vicky” attended Texas Christian University. After two years at TCU, she left to pursue a career in photography and cosmetics. That initial interest in beauty has now come full circle through her content creation.

Vicky and her husband, Cameron live in the Chicagoland area where Cam serves as a Youth pastor for their church. The couple also has a lifestyle channel entitled Life with the Logans on YouTube. Ultimately, Vicky feels her calling is to uplift women and give them the confidence they need to love themselves and live out their purpose.

BGWP: When did you have the aha moment that there was purpose behind your work with YouTube?

Vicky: It wasn’t until I was actually doing YouTube for a couple years. I realized the power I had as an influencer and what it was becoming. Once I got married to my husband my following grew more because people love couples. I didn’t really want to upload our wedding video because I’m a private person and up until that point had kept the focus more on beauty. But once I got married, my husband said “I think as a couple we have a lot of influence.” I told him no, that I didn’t want people in my house. But he convinced me that this could be something more than hair and makeup. We could show people you can be young and love God and be married and enjoy life. It became [an opportunity] to show people what love looks like.

From there, we started becoming more strategic about what we were posting [so we could] send a message.

I realized if I was going to do YouTube full-time, I had to make sure it could sustain me and the comfort level I wanted. When I became more serious about it I became more strategic and said “we’ll see where this takes us.”

BGWP: What have been some of your coolest “pinch me” moments as an influencer?

Vicky: I never really have those moments until I go out and meet people. When I’m out and people see me and they know how I am. [For example], anytime we have a meet and greet. We had a meet up in Chicago and 20 to 30 people came. This year, I had two events with MAC which were really awesome. I got to go to the MAC counter at Nordstrom. Then I hosted a master class.

It was just really cool to have that kind of platform to teach people. I never would have had that if it wasn’t for YouTube. It was also such a full circle moment for me because when I was first getting into makeup I wanted to work at MAC and I applied like 4 times and never got a call back so for me to get invited there to teach them something was great.

It was a true testament to my patience and my faith that everything would work out anyway and if you don’t get the job the first time there’s always something better.

BGWP: How did your events with MAC happen?

Vicky: I had a friend at MAC who was able to use my credentials. Before I got invited to do it I had already had contact with MAC because I was on the PR list and received PR packages of the new products. I got the new Taraji stuff and then I got invited to the MAC store to actually meet Taraji. That put me on the map for MAC to see I was involved with the company. When I told my friend that I wanted to do a meet up she said you know I work with MAC and she said she could use my most recent connections to show “she’s doing things already, let’s invite her to the store.” Ultimately, she talked with her boss and they were more than happy to have me. That was in January.

After January, MAC global saw the success of that first event and they said they wanted to have me do another event at MAC and it was great to have them recognize what I was doing.

[A lot of things in the industry] make it seem like it’s easy but it’s not. Even if a company sends you something or contacts you and say they want to work with you, you have to prove yourself every time. They’re not going to automatically start paying [you] and fly [you] out to their headquarters. You have to follow up, you have to post constantly and tag and hashtag. Basically prove yourself worthy of a strong relationship and then they build that relationship with you over time. Everything isn’t one and done. You have to be really motivated and persistent. But the more consistent and motivated you are, the better your results will be.

BGWP: How do you foresee continuing to use the Victorious Logan brand as a platform to share positive messages?

Vicky: As much as I love making videos and editing, I feel like videos aren’t enough anymore. We have to grow at some point. The goal is to eventually take [our message] on the road and do it in person. There’s something different you get from interactions with people.

One of the things we’re adamant about is building healthy relationships with people and I feel like you can’t do that online. It would be better to say we’re on the internet but we have real relationships that we have to cultivate outside of that. At the root of everything, your relationships with people are what will take you far. You can be as strong and talented as you want to be but your relationships are what keep you going.

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You have to be able to speak to people, be cordial to people and relate to people on a real level. [Cameron and I] want people to understand that there is more to life than the internet and everything has a process. Everything can’t be “primed”, everything can’t be microwaved, everything can’t be a click and search on Safari. We want to continue to convey the message that life is a marathon and not a sprint.

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BGWP: What does it mean to you to be a black girl with purpose?

Vicky: I feel like everyone has a purpose. Being a black girl is just a plus. It means your strength comes from knowing everything in life has a purpose. Everything I go through has a purpose. Everything that I encounter is creating the character I need to have to fulfill my purpose – whether it be setbacks, failures, toxic relationships or rejection. Everything I learned can be used and is encompassed in what I’m doing now.

We have to understand our purpose is bigger than just us. People get caught up in being selfish and say “Oh your twenties are your time to be selfish and you should focus on yourself don’t worry about anybody else” but honestly I feel like your purpose isn’t for you. It’s understanding you are only a small part of this world and your job on this earth is to make this world better, bring change, help people and touch as many lives as you can while you’re here.

As African American women we feel like we’ve already been taken advantage of and pushed so far down that we can’t reach other people and even if we do have a purpose, we think “I need this for me.” But other girls need you. They need to see what it’s like to come out of being depressed and feeling like you aren’t good enough or pretty enough. We have to show people they can do this.

We’re here to show people we’re not what everyone says we are.

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BGWP: What is the hardest part about walking in your purpose?

Vicky: The hardest part is that no one can really tell you how to walk in your purpose – everyone’s purpose is unique and the process is different. For a lot of people, the struggle is figuring out what the purpose walk looks like for them. People may give pointers but it’s not like anyone can tell you what to do.

When I left home and moved out here with my husband I felt really alone for a while. My parents loved me but they couldn’t call me every day and check on me. [I had to realize], I’m an adult now. My husband was also here to support me but he’s a man and I’m a woman and our purposes are totally different. He can’t really teach me how to be a wife or a good supporter. I had to learn that on my own.

When I first got married, I would say the first two years, I was really hard on myself because I wanted to be a good wife. I didn’t want to be a failure. I didn’t give myself enough grace in that moment to say “hey it’s okay, you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing.” A lot of people don’t get that reassurance so they feel like it’s all on them it’s their fault and they end up dealing with depression and anxiety.

Even when you know what your purpose is, it’s even harder because you know you have something to work towards, but it’s a lot of work. It’s always a process with growing pains but it’s definitely rewarding and fulfilling when you see the results pay off. 

BGWP: What’s your go to scripture for encouragement/motivation?

Vicky: Joshua 1:9 – Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

I have that on my desktop. It reminds me that I’m victorious. That’s what my name means. It reminds me that as long as I’ve got God by my side I don’t have to worry or be fearful or anything.

Psalm 91:1. – He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

I started saying that to myself because the past year or so has been tough for me. I was dealing with a lot of self-doubt, feeling down on myself because of a series of unfortunate events. I realized I can’t rely on outside sources to make me feel confident. I can’t rely on people who follow me or my friends or my husband because sometimes he doesn’t understand. I’ve got to remember to hide my heart in God and keep Him surrounding me at all times and open up to Him.


BGWP: What’s one final piece of advice you can share with our audience?

Vicky: You don’t have to do life alone. We all go through stuff. We all struggle. We’re all human. Understand your humanity is what’s supposed to happen. You’re supposed to go through things and feel frustrated. You will be knocked down sometimes but you’ve got to get back up again.

Also know that you’re different, you’re unique. If someone was just like you, you wouldn’t be needed. Everyone has a unique purpose for why they’re here and if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do look at what you’re passionate about. It could be something as simple as making someone smile or laugh. Continue to spread the love, in doing that you’ll be fulfilling your purpose.

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