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The Black Girl's Guide to Living on Purpose | Black Girls with Purpose

You are not an accident.

Has anyone ever told you that before? Did you believe them? I know as a teen, I sure didn’t. Void of direction and consumed with what others thought of me, I often questioned my existence. This led to low self-esteem and eventually the very serious contemplation of committing suicide at the age of 15 but my mom told me “This is not the end of your story.”

This is not the end of your story.

Fast forward ten years later and that’s the same message I hope to convey through my book The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose. I’ve read a lot of self-help style books over the course of my life and on more than one occasion I’ve been left with the thought “Okay, that’s great. Now what?” That’s why I put so much effort into getting really specific about what you should do next as you pursue a life of purpose. In as few as 21 days you can discover:

  • The 3 critical traits that prepare you for your purpose
  • The 5 segments of your life that can help position you for your purpose
  • The 1 thing you’ll need to know to perform in your purpose
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Each chapter includes:

  • Personal stories from me
  • A guiding scripture for Biblical study
  • Action steps for easy application
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First Timothy 4:12 says “Let no one look down on you because you are young, but be an example to believers in speech, conduct, faith, purity and love.” You don’t have to “wait until you’re older” to live life with intention. You can start today and we tell you where to begin on the very first page.

Amazon Customers have said:

 Regardless of age, race or gender, this book will compel you to examine your own life closer. It will challenge you to walk boldly in your GOD-given purpose. You will refer to “The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose” again and again. Brie Daniels has wonderfully written a guide book, a how-to book, a reference book for ALL who aspire to living a life that brings honor and glory to GOD.


The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose is so relevant and a possible resolution to the problems many black girls face today. I enjoyed every bit of it and would encourage anyone to read it. Especially a young girl who is still finding her purpose in Christ.


My only wish is that this book would have published ten years sooner! There’s so much in this book that I wish I could have taught my younger self.

I hope it finds the hearts and minds of young girls and women alike.

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While The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose is relevant and applicable to girls of all ethnicities, a special effort was made to ensure that young girls of color believe what I feel God was telling me to tell them and that’s “You matter to Me.”

As I say throughout this website, You are significant. Your life has meaning and by walking in your purpose you can forever change history.

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