The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose takes an insightful look at the challenges facing young women of color in today’s society. The author seamlessly weaves personal experiences and triumphs with an impressive command of Biblical Scriptures to provide a road map for living a life that is purposeful, meaningful and led by the Spirit. Regardless of age, race or gender, this book will compel you to examine your own life closer. It will challenge you to walk boldly in your GOD-given purpose. You will refer to The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose again and again. Brie Daniels has wonderfully written a guide book, a how-to book, a reference book for ALL who aspire to living a life that brings honor and glory to GOD.”

Cynthia Rhodes

I think The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose is so relevant and a possible resolution to the problems many black girls face today. I enjoyed every bit of it and would encourage anyone to read it. Especially a young girl who is still finding her purpose in Christ.

Miyah Davis
Xavier University

My ministry caters to young women and a huge percentage of them lack direction. My prayer was that exposing them to [Brie] and [her] book would provide them some insight as to what purpose means and it did!

Cecilia Smith
Sisters of Strength

The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose is an awesome resource for the Alternative School setting where young girls have no idea what it means to live on purpose. They are simply reflecting what they see at home, on TV and in the streets. Thank you, thank you, thank you Brie for this awesome resource. The girls love it as well. It makes them think about why they do the things they do.

If you’re looking for someone who loves God with all her heart, is authentic, relatable and that can speak directly to the heart of young ladies/women, Brie is right for your event.

Michelle Robertson
God's Word Church

I have to personally thank Brie. My goal setting hasn’t been at its best due to my laziness but after [her goal setting workshop] no matter how tired I get, I’ve decided to push myself to the fullest.

Des'Trell Adams
Dillard University
Black Girls with Purpose Feature | Danita Summers on stairs

My only wish is that this book would have published ten years sooner! There’s so much in this book that I wish I could have taught my younger self. I hope it finds the hearts and minds of young girls and women alike.

Danita Summers

A good speaker is not just someone with credibility, but also someone who is able to connect with his or audience. [Brie] has the ranks for the job, as well as the pleasant spirit that allows people to open up to her and receive her message. After her talk many said she’s funny, pushed them to have more faith in themselves and is very enthusiastic.

Alia Joseph
Dillard University
Jasmine B | Black Girls with Purpose Testimonial

Brie has passion! Whatever task you put in front of her, she will accomplish. After her time management workshop I’m spending less time on social media and my phone and instead using that time to set goals and accomplish them!

Brie’s visionary skills and the way she plans things out is sensational. There’s no way anyone should pass her up! Since her talk, I see myself working more on my patience – whether it’s something on Facebook, dealing with work, or speaking to family, I reevaluate my thought process before I speak. It’s something I always needed to work on and she made me realize I needed to start working on serenity.

Obriana Rocio

Brie is both fun and professional. She has a lot of knowledge on a variety of subjects. After her workshop, I learned what I really have a passion for and how to improve my time management.

Carly L.
Louisiana State University

I selected Brie as a speaker for our Women of Excellence event simply because [she is] the prime example of a woman walking in her purpose. Excellence overflows to each person she speaks with, each event she plans and executes and just the life she lives. After she spoke one young woman came to me and said “I need to buy Brie’s book so that I can get my life together!”

[Brie’s] glow literally sparked every young lady in the audience which inspired them to speak to her after the program and continue their strive for excellence after the event.

T'Yanna J
Southern University of New Orleans

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