Faith Move #4: Tell Your Story

Have you ever done something crazy? Something you had second thoughts about even while you were in the process of doing it? You talked about it out loud to make it real but something inside you still said – you must be joking.

That’s how I felt the night I stopped taking birth control and prayed the same prayer Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Lord if you would, please take this cup from me, yet not my will but yours be done.” Mark 14:36.

If only I’d seen the results of what I was praying, it wouldn’t have been nearly as scary. Getting pregnant resulted in much more than the birth of my son Jaden. It resulted in the birth of this organization, the birth of a deeper relationship with my husband, the birth of some God-sized faith and a deeper trust in Him.

Over the past four weeks, I’ve shared pieces of my faith story in hopes that you could identity with some parts of the journey.

Maybe you moved to a new town and now you’re realizing you don’t know anybody. Perhaps you’re in the midst of expanding your family. Initially you felt prepared, but now as you think of all the change this will bring, you’re panicking.

Whatever your storm or circumstances may be, my prayer is that you will keep your eyes focused on God and resist the urge to sink – back into those old habits, back into depression and fear, back into doubt and disbelief. I want you to walk on water today. I want my story to become your story.

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Disclaimer: There’s no guarantee this book will hit the New York Times’ bestseller’s list. But wouldn’t it be so incredible if it did? You can say you were with me when I was shooting in the gym. Order your copy. 

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