The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose

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Divided into three parts, The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose offers Bible-based guidance for your spiritual, emotional, professional, and physical well-being to help you discover your true purpose and start enjoying the life God handcrafted just for you. Through reading this book you will discover:

  • How to prepare for your purpose
  • How to position yourself for your purpose
  • How to perform in your purpose

Readers have said:

“Excellent book! My daughters are only 7 and 5 years old, but I always pre-read anything I buy for them before I present it to them to read. I just purchased and read this book and it is awesome! Although my daughters are quite ready to read this, I will have it on hand when ready. The author did a great job of providing real life examples that young girls and teens can easily relate. I’m proud of her tenacity to step out on faith and self publish. I will be recommending to others as well! Job well done black woman! You make our race proud!”

“The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose” takes an insightful look at the challenges facing young women of color in today’s society. The author seamlessly weaves personal experiences and triumphs with an impressive command of Biblical Scriptures to provide a road map for living a life that is purposeful, meaningful and led by the Spirit. Regardless of age, race or gender, this book will compel you to examine your own life closer. It will challenge you to walk boldly in your GOD-given purpose. You will refer to “The Black Girl’s Guide to Living on Purpose” again and again. Brie Daniels has wonderfully written a guide book, a how-to book, a reference book for ALL who aspire to living a life that brings honor and glory to GOD.”

“My only wish is that this book would have published ten years sooner! There’s so much in this book that I wish I could have taught my younger self.”

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