In Decency and In Order

“But everything must be done decently and in order.”

1 Corinthians 14:40 HCSB

I have this habit of thinking of everything I have to do all at once and growing so overwhelmed that instead of working towards one item, I try to work on multiple things and in the end accomplish nothing.

My parents know this about me so when I was younger they would always remind me to take it one day at a time. I’d take out a piece of paper, write the day’s date at the top and be honest about what I both needed to accomplish and what I could accomplish in that particular day. There was and still is something so freeing about taking all the thoughts and tasks out of your head and placing them on paper where you can see them. It helps to keep things orderly and helps you not to forget anything.

Sometimes we can get so overwhelmed in this life that we forget the words Paul gives in 1 Corinthians 14:40. His encouragement not only applies to our day to day tasks but to our finances, our work habits, our study habits, everything.

It’s silly to start panicking over what your class final will cover when you haven’t even taken the first quiz yet. It’s ill-advised to panic about not having enough money to get the things you want when you haven’t even taken the time to write out all the things you actually need. Each day we must pray that God will help us to focus on the things that help us get to where He wants us to go in the timing that He has already predestined. If we seek wisdom from Him we can already rest assured that we will get it (James 1:5). As young women who are living with intention, we must be intentional with what we allow to occupy our schedule on a day to day basis. If we maintain order and stay connected to God, we can be confident we’ll get where we’re going.

Where could you use some order in your life?


Take the time to write out systems that may help you to keep order, where it be a bill calendar, a homework schedule, workout schedule, etc. The more systems you have in place, the less likely it is that you’ll forget to do something.

About Brie Daniels

Author of The Black Girl's Guide to Living on Purpose and Executive Director of Black Girls with Purpose.

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  1. Hi Brie, my name is Wilma Blache’, I saw a brief glimpse of you as you were leaving a mtg/session with Coach Parker at the North Rampart Community Center Monday afternoon…I was sitting at the front desk. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to acquaint ourselves, but hopefully we’ll see each other during the summer camp program here at the center. Looking forward to meeting you!

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